[Beowulf] FreeBSD 6.1 and single system image

John Hearns john.hearns at streamline-computing.com
Fri Jul 14 23:18:09 PDT 2006

Glen Gardner wrote:

>I've recently installed FreeBSD 6.1 on a 12 node diskless cluster.
>I've got a couple of observations to share for those who might be
>The remarkable thing I notice about the FreeBSD setup is that with all
>nodes booting the same image (including the head node), system
>maintenance is really simple. It also makes me think that a single
>system image using freeware operating systems is a worthy and practical
>goal with FreeBSD, but that Fedora Core is not even close to being an
>out of the
I agree re. the single system image. Our clusters work that way, and you 
have the choice of running in a ramdisk mode
as you have done, or using the local disk for tmp/swap, or a 
conventional hard drive install.

Fedora isn't the only kid on the block, and given the short support 
lifetime I would recommend against using it in a cluster.
Fedora is clearly aimed and billed as a cutting edge distro, which will 
have a release every six months.
Most of our clusters have SuSE linux installed, which runs very well on 
Our commercial customers tend to go for Redhat Enterprise or SuSE SLES, 
for compatibility and support of ISV codes.

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