[Beowulf] (no subject)

Darin Kalisak whognu at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 15:03:19 PST 2006


I have a couple of questions about making more use of the
underutilized cluster my employer owns.

First, we have a Java application that we have run in the past on the
cluster using PBS.  We now have fewer runs to make, but some of them
are becoming long.  I found a couple of old threads about MPI in java,
but nothing that looked recent.  I also have not found much of use by
doing web searches.  Has anyone here used Java for parallel (cluster)
applications?  If so, am I wrong in having the feeling that there
still really isn't a clear, "official" implementation to use?  I
really don't have the experience (or time) to hack at different
implementations to make them work for me, but if someone knows of an
approach that works well, I'd love to investigate it.  (To forestall
discussion about why it should or shouldn't be in Java to begin with,
I'll just note that that was not - and is not - my decision, and that
neither the resources nor the will to change it to another language
exists at this time.  I'm just looking for ways to improve performance
on some code we have that is going to be in Java for the forseeable
future.  It is, however, very parallelizeable code, and it kills me
not to be able to migrate it to the cluster.)

Second, I'm very interested in knowing of any open source cluster
projects looking for programmers to contribute in some way.  I'm not
any kind of expert at this, but I never will be if I don't find some
code to work on!  Again, I did a nominal web search, but didn't come
up with much.


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