[Beowulf] Re: clusters in high schools.

matt jones jamesjamiejones at aol.com
Sat Jan 28 04:32:48 PST 2006

yea, i have alreddy got 3 dell computers from my science department at 
my disposal, but a problem i fave found is that offically they cant give 
me the cmputers unless they are saftey checked, being from a school many 
have been vandalised.

i can under stand this for the PSU's but i just want the motherboards, 
memory and hard drives for the project...

and i need to find a proper use for the cluster nce it's going, any 
ideas anyone???

matt jones, 15, YR. 11 student at a normal comprehensive school.

Bill Harman wrote:

 > One of the things that you can do to get things started is to collect
 > used
 > computers from the school, school district, local business or from the
 > parents of other students.

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