[Beowulf] Re: clusters in high schools.

matt jones jamesjamiejones at aol.com
Fri Jan 27 07:20:10 PST 2006

if there was an opportunity for clusters in high school, or secondary 
schools (which i'm in) it would be great, people like myself are 
actually being held back by the schools because we are far more advanced 
than all the others in our class's. not much can be done about this but 
in the UK because we sit IT and that hasn't really got much to do with 
actual hardware, software or anything that could include a beowulf.

in our school myself and one other in the year below even know what 
anything other than windows is... i find this astonishing as most web 
servers do not use windows, and we spend most of our IT lessons on the net.

so yes clustering and the opportunities of clustering unused computers 
within schools and colleges do exist and there is a huge gap in the UK 
education for starting people towards any sort of clustering knowledge, 
but if it could be done those 1 to 10 of us might get the help we need 
to actually build and maintain a cluster. which i suppose would benefit 
the other students as they could run models through it.

matt jones, 15, YR. 11 student at a normal comprehensive school.

ps* can anyone advise me to a guide for starting a Beowulf, 'cos i 
haven't found one yet.

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