[Beowulf] Naming Convention Survey

Timothy W. Moore twm at tcg-hsv.com
Mon Jan 9 18:06:02 PST 2006

On our system, it is as follows:

[1] the compilation of applications is performed on /apps.  The disk is
a 32 GB U320 high-performance hdd and resides on the file/application

[2] any data generated during application execution is stored on /home
on the file/application server.  It too is a 32 GB U320 hdd.  At the
conclusion of an analysis or series of analyses (study), the data is
offloaded to the personal workstation for processing.  Each workstation
has 3 hdd (U320 140 GB each) . /data1 and /data2 are for long-term
storage while /home is for local processing.  Applications not designed
for parallel processing and developed by the individual are kept on the
WS.  Simulations requiring extensive CPU resources (> 72 hours) are
archived in /safe such that only the admin has access.

[3] There is one program we use to visualize CFD results and only runs
in windows.  The data sets can be >>> Very <<< large.  To speed data
transfer from the cluster to the local machine and general I/O, we use a
striped array (called /hsxfer) using SATA hdd.

Timothy Moore
Chief Scientist, TCG

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