[Beowulf] Naming Convention Survey

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Mon Jan 9 13:04:31 PST 2006

Brian D. Ropers-Huilman wrote:
> Hash: RIPEMD160
> Simple question, likely a complicated answer. Cluster systems should have up
> to three distinct file systems:
> 1) a place to compile and keep "stuff"

/home ... This is the home for "stuff"  Think enterprise-like storage. 
it has to work, and be available.

> 2) a bit of disk to use while code is running

Two types generally

/local  usually a local scratch space, RAID0 typically 100-150 MB/s.
/scratch usually really high speed storage when /local won't cut it.

Neither one of these are intended for long term storage.  Fast disk is 
usually expensive disk.  Fast disk is rarely 5-9's reliable disk (yeah, 
I am sure some folks might disagree).

> 3) potential a bit of disk with special characteristics, likely high-performance

See above.  It is hard for end users to misunderstand that /local is 
local to the node.

> Typically #1 would be called /home. Here at LSU, #2 is typically called
> /var/scratch or /var/local/scratch. Then there is #3. Sometimes we call this
> /scratch and sometimes /work.
> My question: what do other folks call these bits of disk?

How about

1:	/home
2:	/local
3:	/scratch

I don't like putting local scratch disk on /var unless you don't mind 
the occasionally full /var, and all that entails (makes diagnostics fun, 
machines crash in interesting and exciting ways when important file 
systems fill up ... just try to edit a file, or look at a log file, or 
cat something ... ).


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