[Beowulf] Re: removing tiles around heavy racks? (David Kewley)

Skottie Miller skottie at anim.dreamworks.com
Wed Jan 4 21:57:44 PST 2006

David Kewley wrote:

> In our case, our racks are not yet fastened to the raised floor nor to the 
> slab.  In fact, we decided to leave them on their wheels.  So they'll not 
> be bound strongly at the plusses in your diagram, and the lateral force 
> won't be too great.  But yeah, in the common case where the racks are 
> attached to the raised floor, you'll have the issue you name.

We set everything atop IsoBase isolation platforms, which
can move up to 8 inches in any lateral direction, letting
the floor move under the equipment racks.


No other bracing is used, and each row of cabinents are
bolted together such that a single rack can't topple,
and the whole row of gear "floats" over the floor.


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