[Beowulf] Iozone on a Cluster

Joachim Worringen joachim at ccrl-nece.de
Thu Jan 5 09:39:42 PST 2006

Daniel.G.Roberts at sanofi-aventis.com wrote:
> Can any one pass along some knowledge of how they ran iozone on a linux cluster?
> I am trying to pin down a NAS storage on my cluster and I am wondering on how to leverage Iozone to identify problems..

In a recent posting, Don Capps described this:
     Iozone is able to run across multiple nodes. See the -+m and -t options.
     It knows how to use rsh and can also use any remote execution
     method by simply setting the environmental variable RSH to
     whatever works for you. Example: RSH=ssh ; export RSH

Which kind of problems do you experience?


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