[Beowulf] removing tiles around heavy racks?

Bruce Allen ballen at gravity.phys.uwm.edu
Tue Jan 3 09:58:19 PST 2006

>> thanks, mark hahn.
>> PS: 16" over slab, feet glued, stringers screwed-on, composite tiles.
> I've not studied the physics of it, but I can't see where the surrounding 
> tiles would have an effect.  You obviously don't want to remove the tiles the 
> rack is sitting on.  And those tiles should be supported by a metal grid.  As 
> far as I know, the metal grid and the poles under it support all the weight, 
> and the tiles themselves only help support what is directly sitting on them.
> If someone knows something I don't, please feel free to speak up.

Speaking as a physicist, the surrounding tiles DO have an effect.  They 
prevent the stringers from deforming in the horizontal direction 
perpendicular to the line of stringer/tile contact.

But you may also be right.  Mark, please ask this question of a flooring 
engineer.  Broken arms, backs, ribs and worse are not worth it.


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