[Beowulf] 'dual' Quad solution from Tyan

Ricardo Reis rreis at aero.ist.utl.pt
Tue Feb 28 14:38:31 PST 2006

  Thank you all for your reply's.

  1. The system will be used for CFD intensive calculation, using comercial 
and in the house codes, MPI flavor;
  2. The cluster I've thought to build initially would be:
   * 8 nodes (including master), with dual motherboards (2 Opteron CPUs, 
single core)
   * 16 Opteron 2.4GHz;
   * 4 GB per node (32 GB total);
   * 1 80 Gb disc (SATA II) per node for system and scratch space;
   * 2 80 Gb disc (SATA II) for system on master, on RAID 1;
   * 3 500 Gb disc (SATA II) for storage, home;
   * 2 Gigabit switch, one for MPI, another for system and NFS;
   * Motherboard is the Tyan S2882G3NR-D;
   3. I thought that the lantency in this VX50 would be far less than in 
the Gigabit network;
   4. The solution for cluster vs. VX50 is around less 3500 euro for 
the VX50;
   5. I thought also that the requirements in HVAC would be less for the 
   6. I'm aware and thinking that this technology is new and can be a 
single-point of failure, regarding the cluster option;
   7. Why 2 single core are better than a dual core? because of sharing 

   thanks for your knowledge sharing,

  Ricardo Reis

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