[Beowulf] Multidimensional FFTs

Bill Rankin wrankin at ee.duke.edu
Tue Feb 28 10:26:51 PST 2006

Hey gang,

I know that in the past, multidimensional FFTs (in my case, 3D) have  
posed a big challenge in getting them running well on clusters,  
mainly in the areas of scalability.  This is somewhat due to the need  
for an All2All communication step in the processing (although there  
seem to be some alternative approaches here).

There is a research group here at Duke doing some application  
development and they are looking at implementing their codes in a  
cluster environment.  The main problem is that 95% of their  
processing time is taken up by medium to large sized 3D FFTs (minimum  
64 elements on an edge, 256k total elements).

So I was wondering what the current "state of the art" is in  
clustered 3D FFTs?  I've googled around a bit, but most off the  
results seem a little dated.  If someone could point me to any recent  
papers or studies, I would be grateful.

Some specifics that I am interested in would be a good comparison of  
different interconnects on overall performance, as this will have a  
significant impact on the design of their cluster.



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