[Beowulf] Fwd: NIS limitations question

Dan Stromberg strombrg at dcs.nac.uci.edu
Mon Feb 6 14:10:54 PST 2006

On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 13:37 -0800, Greg Lindahl wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 05, 2006 at 07:34:26AM +0300, Walid wrote:
> > I belive i have seen on this maling list*, and other internet fourms** some
> > limitation of NIS, but i have failed to find a documented limiation from
> > SUN, or from the various linux distrubutions, did any one try to research
> > the scalability of NIS servers?
> The standard answer, if you only rarely push, is to make every client
> a slave.

That's not my standard answer :)

Maybe that works well for you, but I've found that too many NIS slaves
means more possibilities for NIS data to end up getting served out in a
corrupt/partial form.

I usually aim for 2 NIS servers (master or slave, makes no difference)
for a given domain, per subnet.

That way, when we're doing a network install of one of the NIS servers,
it can still get NIS during the install.

Yes, many install procedures won't need NIS during an install.  Some of
our install procedures do though :)

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