[Beowulf] Fwd: NIS limitations question

Walid walid.shaari at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 20:34:26 PST 2006

Dear All,

I belive i have seen on this maling list*, and other internet fourms** some
limitation of NIS, but i have failed to find a documented limiation from
SUN, or from the various linux distrubutions, did any one try to research
the scalability of NIS servers?

The reason i am asking on a 256 nodes cluster using GigE with two nis Linux
slaves we do see lots of rpc timeouts, the moment we added, an extra slave
we have not experinced much, but in the other hand our solairs Linux slaves
handles triple the amount of clients, and users have not reported problems.

so my question in these big clusters that have 256 nodes and more, what do
people use for host, and name lookups?, and how much NIS slaves if any do
they deploy? does any one know how many concurrent connections an NIS can
handle ?



* A Linux server can handle 100 clients concurenntly
**  An NIS server is better for 40 clients
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