[Beowulf] how fast can NFS run?

Bruce Allen ballen at gravity.phys.uwm.edu
Wed Feb 1 07:43:34 PST 2006

Hi Peter, others,

>> I'd like to know the fastest that anyone has seen an NFS server run, over
>> either a 10Gb/s ethernet link or a handful of link aggregated
>> (channel-bonded) Gb/s ethernet lines.

> First, don't hijack threads, can't you guys have any mercy on us with thread
> capable e-mail clients? ;-)

I apologize for doing this.  I hadn't realized that if I changed the 
subject line the thread would remain the same.

While I appreciate your comments about alternatives to NFS, I would like 
to know the answer to my question 'how fast have you seen NFS run'.  I 
personally have seen it at 100 MB/s over a gigabit ethernet line, but it 
was clearly network-speed limited.  I'd like to know if others have seen 
NFS running faster over a higher speed network.

The web page http://www.agami.com/products/ certainly suggests that there 
are products that can serve NFS at 500 - 1000 MB/sec.


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