[Beowulf] OT: some quick Areca rpm packages for interested users

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Wed Dec 27 16:24:21 PST 2006

On Thursday 28 December 2006 08:15, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:

> That is pity that Areca's drivers got kicked even from -mm devel branch
> of linux mainstream kernel (unfortunately I don't remember in
> which exact version it has happened).

The ARECA drivers have just moved from the mm tree into the mainline kernel in 
2.6.19, I've just downloaded and verified that their arcmsr driver 
(version still exists in drivers/scsi/arcmsr .

I guess you could say they were kicked upstairs, but certainly not kicked 
out.. :-)

Caveat: there is a known ext3 filesystem corruption bug in 2.6.19 and, it's apparently hard to trigger (though someone said they got it 
through just compiling).

If you are a Linux Weekly News subscriber (and if you're not you probably 
should be, it's a great news resource) you can read about it here (should be 
freely available at the end of the week when the next weekly news comes out):


Bugzilla entry for the compiling case:


Good luck!
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