[Beowulf] Selling computation time

Michael Huntingdon hunting at ix.netcom.com
Wed Dec 27 13:15:57 PST 2006

HP's Computing on Demand:

Happy Holidays

At 10:29 AM 12/26/2006, Chetoo Valux wrote:
>Dear all,
>Maybe these dates I've drunk too much champagne, but I've wondered 
>about the following: as you know building and maintining a cluster 
>is not a trivial issue, not to mention housing it ...
>I wonder then if there would be potential buyers for cluster time. 
>I've been browsing,  not too deep, the net, and I've not found (yet) 
>any information of someone selling cluster time.
>And when clusters come into place, I guess this is one of the right 
>places to ask ...
>Best wishes,
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