[Beowulf] LAM -beowulf problems

Mr. Sumit Saxena ss524 at njit.edu
Wed Dec 20 08:45:16 PST 2006

I am new to linux as well as beowulf, please help me.
I tried to hook up two machines and run LAM but I am not able to 
lamboot. I can lamboot on each machine individually but not from master 
to master and slave. I have provided the link of the libraries of LAM 
in my ld.so.conf as wellas .bash_profile, still I see the following 
error message. Also I am able to ssh into machines without passwords. I 
followed the following document to setup my machines
LAM 6.5.9/MPI 2 C++ - Indiana University
Executing hboot on n0 (surya01 - 1 CPU)...
Executing hboot on n1 (surya02 - 1 CPU)...
bash: line 1: hboot: command not found
LAM failed to execute a LAM binary on the remote node "surya02".
Since LAM was already able to determine your remote shell as "hboot",
it is probable that this is not an authentication problem.
LAM tried to use the remote agent command "ssh"
to invoke the following command:
        ssh -x surya02 -n hboot -t -c lam-conf.lam -v -s -I "-H -P
33628 -n 1 -o 0    "
This can indicate several things.  You should check the following:
        - The LAM binaries are in your $PATH
        - You can run the LAM binaries
        - The $PATH variable is set properly before your
          .cshrc/.profile exits
Try to invoke the command listed above manually at a Unix prompt.
You will need to configure your local setup such that you will *not*
be prompted for a password to invoke this command on the remote node.
No output should be printed from the remote node before the output of
the command is displayed.
When you can get this command to execute successfully by hand, LAM
will probably be able to function properly.
lamboot encountered some error (see above) during the boot process,
and will now attempt to kill all nodes that it was previously able to
boot (if any).
Please wait for LAM to finish; if you interrupt this process, you may
have LAM daemons still running on remote nodes.
wipe ...
LAM 6.5.9/MPI 2 C++ - Indiana University
Executing tkill on n0 (surya01)...

please help
kind regards

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