[Beowulf] SATA II - PXE+NFS - diskless compute nodes

Greg Kurtzer gmk at runlevelzero.net
Wed Dec 13 19:04:29 PST 2006

On Dec 13, 2006, at 6:44 PM, Eric Shook wrote:

> Thank you for commenting on this Greg.  I might look deeper into  
> perceus as an option if rhel (and particularly variants as in  
> Scientific Linux) work well.

Yes, we already have Centos and Caos 2&3 base images that most people  
are using for testing.

> Our infrastructure will most likely include nfs-root, possibly  
> hybrid and full-install.  So if Perceus can support it with a few  
> simple VNFS capsules then that should simplify administration greatly.

These should be coming very soon. :)

> Would you declare Perceus as production quality?  Or would our  
> production infrastructure be a large-scale test?  (Which I'm not  
> sure if I'm comfortable being a test case with our production  
> clusters ;o)

It depends on when you are ready to migrate. Our first test system  
was a 512 node Inifiband cluster and it worked without incident. We  
also have several other large prospects on the horizon (including  
vendor partnerships) so production readiness won't be a problem. With  
that said, I would wait until I do the formal press release (waiting  
for the 1.0 tree to finish getting hammered out by our testers and  
initial users).

Thanks for inquiring!

Greg Kurtzer
gmk at runlevelzero.net

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