[Beowulf] distributed file storage solution?

Josh Kayse josh.kayse at gtri.gatech.edu
Mon Dec 11 12:32:43 PST 2006

On Sat, 2006-12-09 at 08:21 +0545, samit wrote:
> hello list,
> i am looking for a application (most preferably, but not necessarily
> OSS or free software) and that can create distributed, reliable, fault
> tolerant, decentralized, high preformance file server. I've looked at
> few P2P file storing solutions that store multiple copies of file in
> different server for data reliability but i havent found any solution
> that would help me access a file as flexibly like the local file with
> high preformance. Cross platform solution would be even better as i
> want to aovoid the SMB overhead if its just a linux based solution! 
> PLEASE RECOMENT ME SOMETHING!? feel free to suggest any solutions that
> even qualifies half of this criteria!
> -bipin 

In house we use DRBD as reliable, fault-tolerant NFS servers.  It's
worked well for us so far and meets some of your requirements.  Version
0.8 supports multi-master but ymmv.  Also, it only supports 2 machines
that can act as part of the group, so it's not that distributed.

Hope this helps.


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