[Beowulf] SATA II - PXE+NFS - diskless compute nodes

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Sat Dec 9 15:44:25 PST 2006

>> I would hazard that any DHCP/PXE type install server would struggle with
>> 2000 requests

a single server (implying 1 gb nic?) might have trouble with the tftp part,
but I don't see why you couldn't scale up by splitting the tftp part
off to multiple servers.  I'd expect a single DHCP (no TFTP) would be 
plenty in all cases.  100 tftp clients per server would probably
be pretty safe.

I personally like the idea of putting one admin server in each rack.
they don't have to be fancy servers, by any means.

> There are a few modifications you have to make to increase the number of bootps before
> it fails.

do you mean you'd expect load problems even with a single sever 
dedicated only to dhcp?

> So now to figure out my next step.  I will need local space for logs and data/temp data files.

why would you want logs local?

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