[Beowulf] 'liquid cooled' racks

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Wed Dec 6 07:50:55 PST 2006

Jim Lux wrote:
> At 04:20 AM 12/6/2006, Daniel Kidger wrote:
>> I am at a UK HPC Conference today (so is Greg L for that matter)
>> One of the speakers said he was evaluating Spraycool to retrofit to his
>> existing cluster.
>> So if these guys spray *downwards* on the chip - what is the risk of 
>> a blocked
>> tube causing the Flurinert to catch fire?
> Fluorinert is, as the name implies, inert.  It doesn't burn.  
> Actually, it's pretty amazing stuff.  If you remember the photo from 
> decades ago of the mouse breathing under the surface of a liquid.. 
> that was Flourinert.
Non-combustable, but not exactly inert.   At temperatures greater than 
200 degrees C it begins to decompose yielding
an HF aerosol among other things.  I believe there was an incident with 
the old Cray T90 that required a computer room evacuation, but perhaps 
that was an urban myth.



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