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Hi Reza!
What do u mean exactly by "Beowulf software infrastructure" ?

u know Beowulf is just a manner of connecting commonplace computers (nodes)
together to make a robust system. Then your computational job will be
divided among nodes. As far as I know, there is no especial software for
this framework. All you need is a message passing interface (MPI) which
makes it possible for nodes to pass messages together while running job.

There are a lot of scientific packages (and mainly open source) which have
been developed in such a way that you can run in parallel, like GROMACS,
DLPOLY, AMBER, WIEN2K, and many others. All these packages (at least their
computational parts), have been compiled by FORTRAN or C/C++ .This is due to
the capability of these two compilers which can be run in parallel and work
with MPI.

However, there are some engineering and finite element software which are
absolutely commercial and capable of being run in parallel, among them are
FLUENT, CFX, and so on.

I hope this could be helpful for you,

Ruhollah Moussavi B.
On 11/30/06, reza bakhshi <re_bakhshi at comp.iust.ac.ir> wrote:
> Hi there,
> How can i find some more detailed technical information on Beowulf
> software infrastructure?
> Thank you :)
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