[Beowulf] Intel Trace Collector (fka Vampir) on Opteron

Daniel Kidger daniel.kidger at clearspeed.com
Thu Aug 17 05:37:37 PDT 2006

Today I downloaded the latest Intel Trace Collector (what used to be Vampir)
This is version 6

However when I try and use it on my Opteron cluster, I get these errors:

Intel Trace Collector ERROR: Unsupported Architecture
Intel Trace Collector ERROR: Unsupported Architecture

Intel's support website has a reply from Intel saying that ITC uses Intel only
hardware counters and so won't run on anybody elses hardware. :-(

A bit of googling shows that some sites have been running ITC on their Opteron
clusters - presumably an older version (4?).

My questions are:
1. Have others met this same issue?
2. Which is the latest version of ITC/Vampir that can be used on Opteron?
3. Is there a workaround (cf. the patch to use the Intel compiler on Opteron)?


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