[Beowulf] RARP request:MAC address match but no netmask match

stalin natesan stalin_ni at rediffmail.com
Sun Apr 30 03:29:10 PDT 2006

hi all!

 i am using redhat 9 for my master node with via-rhine network card(in motherboard itself). When i am trying to boot slave node using floppy, everything goes fine, until RARP: Sending RARP requests. after sometimes the system reporting the PCI devices list and restarts.

 when i opened the log file in /var/log/messages it says
 RARP : MAC address match but no netmask match for the node 
 The last message repeats .. times.
 (even nodeadd adding the MAC address to the config file,no problem in that)

Is there any solution for my problem, please let me know.

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