[Beowulf] Problems installing ROCKS

kario at bu.edu kario at bu.edu
Tue Apr 11 13:21:07 PDT 2006

Problems installing ROCKS

We're trying to install ROCKS cluster on a flat network with one 
managing node (HP DL360 g3, 1x3.06 GHz Xeon
) and 2 compute nodes (HP DL 145, 2x2.4 GHz Opteron 250).

When trying to install ROCKS we get this error at 80%:
" Error installing fonts-xorg-75dpi  Can indicate media failure, lack 
of disk-space or hardware problems
  Fatal Error. Verify media"

We have verified the media and checked the disk-space as well as the hardware.

1) How can we configure a flat network in ROCKS?
2) What does the error mean? 3) The two compute nodes do not have 
CD-ROM nor floppy disk. How can we install ROCKS on one of these 
machines if
   we instead choose one of these as managing node?


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