[Beowulf] xCAT 1.2.0 finally released

Benone Marcos benone.marcos at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 18:04:26 PDT 2006

 From xCAT dev team:

xCAT 1.2.0 (after 3+ years of development, and 2+ years late) has released.
FYI, 1.2.0 development started January 2003 and xCAT development started
October 1999.

Changes since 1.1.x:

1.  Too many to list.  Read the change log.

Changes since 1.2.0-RC3:

1.  RH4U3 support.
2.  CentOS 4.3 support.
3.  CentOS 3.6 support.
4.  RHFC5 support.
5.  Minor fixes.

1.2.1 is under development.  Now that 1.2.0 is released you can safely
upgrade to any 1.2.x release without updating your tables or templates.

1.2.x will be in maintenance mode while 1.3.x is under development.  New
OSes and other features will continue to be added to 1.2.x, but no major
architectural changes will be made.

1.3.x goals (goals not promises):

1.  Drop ksh.
2.  Rewrite in Perl.  Bash, Expect, and Awk OK (OK, Python too, but no
3.  Drop ia64 and x86 (x86_64, ppc64, cell support only).  Others can be
added if required.
4.  2.6 kernel and later OSes only.  Windows OK.
5.  Drop support for legacy service processors.  IPMI, Bladecenter, APC as a
base, more to be added as needed.
6.  All commands to be client/server (no more NFS mounting /opt/xcat).
Audit, logging, queuing, permissions, etc... enforced.
7.  Tables optional (can use DB).
8.  Some sort of GUI.
9.  Beta delivered before the next total eclipses of our sun.
10. What do you want?

Benone Marcos
Computer Scientist

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