[Beowulf] Re: Re: UPS & power supply instability (Robert G. Brown)

Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Sep 28 23:06:16 PDT 2005

At 07:18 PM 9/28/2005, David Kewley wrote:
>On Wednesday 28 September 2005 12:19, Maurice Hilarius wrote:
> > Robert G. Brown wrote:
> > >If you discover that -- surprise -- the "PFC" supplies aren't, you
> > > can either:
> >
> > Or, the proper answer, which is :
> > d) Contact Dell, have them pick up their machines.
> > Then buy hardware from a reputable vendor who deliver what they
> > quoted, and who do not try to sneak substandard parts on orders to
> > you.
> >
> > Discuss with your organizations purchasing and acquisitions
> > department about their contract regulations and the associated
> > penalties for fraud.
>As the person who started this thread, let me be very clear:
>Dell does not deserve any suggestions that they did anything wrong,
>least of all that they committed fraud or snuck substandard parts on
>our orders.  To the best of my knowledge, those suggestions are simply
>false.  (And outrageous without evidence to back them up.)
>We were never told we were getting PFC supplies.  I said they're PFC
>supplies because both a Kill-A-Watt clone and the Liebert PDUs says
>that the load power factor is 0.99 or 1.00.  I have not looked at the

That's a pretty good sign that the PFC is working.. Off hand, I'd trust the 
Kill-A-Watt for that kind of thing.
It also suggests that there's some other weird interaction. (nothing too 
unusual in the world of multiple supplies and multiple loads... that's how 
the power engineers earn their paycheck...)

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