[Beowulf] Re: UPS & power supply instability (Robert G. Brown)

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Wed Sep 28 16:15:06 PDT 2005

Maurice Hilarius writes:

> Or, the proper answer, which is :
> d) Contact Dell, have them pick up their machines.
> Then buy hardware from a reputable vendor who deliver what they quoted,
> and who do not try to sneak substandard parts on orders to you.

Or, as the case may be, Liebert if it turns out to be the power supplies
that feed their UPS that are the culprits.  I don't want to pick on
Dell particularly, or even hypothetically.  Not without a solid report
that the power supplies in question ARE in fact not PFC and that the
problem is NOT elsewhere in the wiring scheme.

> Discuss with your organizations purchasing and acquisitions department
> about their contract regulations and the associated penalties for fraud.

Sigh.  Yeah, I suppose.  Although I'm lawsuit averse and would be more
inclined to simply report the facts on this list and NEVER EVER buy from
Dell again unless they made it oh so right (which might well be picking
up their hardware, if it came to that). Dell knows that they live or die
by their reputation and usually does make it right on service issues, to
my own experience, although they aren't my first choice for cluster
nodes anyway.  Primarily because Opterons beat the hell out of nearly
anything else in terms of price/performance and they don't/won't sell
them because of their deal with Intel.  There are also more
penguin-friendly vendors out there -- it offends me to have to buy even
desktop or laptop systems from Dell with WinXX pre-installed, as I KNOW
that Microsquash has made yet another unearned piece of change from
something I've bought (and that I will never use).


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