[Beowulf] Remote console management

Jerker Nyberg jerker at Update.UU.SE
Fri Sep 23 09:05:55 PDT 2005

Here is an IPMI on Debian HOWTO.

Personally I've been using IPMI (serial over lan) on some Intel server 
motherboards in spring 2004. It felt like it was a tiny bit unstable, but 
good enough for remote access in BIOS, and reset/on/off. And for SOL I 
used the Intel Linux binary. But I don't take care of those machines any 
more. Best terminal support in BIOS I got from the Windows telnet binary.

I am currently installing some Dell 1850 (with remote access cards) and HP 
DL140/DL380 and it would be great with some input from someone on the 
integrated remote access in a Linux environment. Remote console and 
reset/on/off is good enough for me.


On Fri, 23 Sep 2005, John Hearns wrote:

> but I'm unaware of anyone using sol under Linux.

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