[Beowulf] Remote console management

Steffen Persvold sp at scali.com
Fri Sep 23 08:37:15 PDT 2005

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> Subject: RE: [Beowulf] Remote console management
> > SOL is transparent to the OS. It acts as a virtual serial port (i.e
> > console=ttyS0,15200n will work fine on Linux). You might have to use a
> > different device than ttyS0 though, it depends on the motherboard and
> > implementation.
> Two questions:
> [1] Do ALL IPMI 2.0 cards support this?

I would say yes, however I have only tested onboard/builtin implementations
from SUN/HP/Dell/IBM/Intel not Tyan, Supermicro and others. You should get a
sample to test out and/or ask the vendor. The good news is that if the
motherboard supports SOL, Linux would have no problems using it.

> [2] Where is the serial output buffered?  If the node is hung, where does
> one look to find the last few thousand characters of output?

That depends on how you implement it in the other end. It is not buffered by
the BMC itself, but can have a linux process attached to it that logs to
file for example. Google for "conserver" ;)


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