[Beowulf] Scyld implementation of BProc

Sean Dilda agrajag at dragaera.net
Fri Sep 23 08:27:50 PDT 2005

Tony Stocker wrote:
> Michael,
> Okay I'm guessing that since my documentation doesn't mention any of the 
> three commands that the Scyld implementation doesn't have them.  I'm 
> still curious to know if they're part of the default BProc package or if 
> it's something special that the LANL folks added.  I appreciate the info 
> on the bpstat -P functionality that will help with one issue.

The developer of BProc used to work at Scyld.  He left many years ago. 
Last I heard, he was working at LANL.  So, the LANL version is the 
'default BProc'.  Last I checked, Scyld was still using an older version 
of the BProc code.  Although I haven't looked at either in a couple of 
years, so I'm not certain how things are now.

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