[Beowulf] Remote console management

Philip J. Hollenback hollenba at schrodinger.com
Fri Sep 23 07:55:32 PDT 2005

On 09/23/05, John Hearns wrote:
> IPMI does support Serial-over-LAN, but I don't have experience with
> it, I'm not sure Linux does this.

I did some research about IPMI on linx and wrote this article for
SysAdmin magazine:


mainly concerned with how to extract cpu temperatures using IPMI.

Here's the story with serial over lan: it does exist in devices that
support the 1.5 version of IPMI, but only as a somewhat proprietary
Intel extension.  I'm not sure if anyone has really ever gotten it to
work well.  The vast majority of IPMI-capable devices out there today
are version 1.5 compliant.

Version 2.0 of the IPMI spec added a standardized SoL.  The linux IPMI
tools support this.  So, if you have devices that support IPMI version
2.0, you should be able to do SoL with linux.

I haven't tried it because all my equipment is IPMI v1.5.


Phil Hollenback
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