[Beowulf] gethostbyname?

Henderson, T Todd @ IS Todd.Henderson at L-3com.com
Thu Sep 15 13:24:49 PDT 2005

Hello all!


I've set up a new cluster using FC 4 and am trying to get an app to run, it
is mpich based.  However, when I try to run it I get:


p0_13866:  p4_error: Could not gethostbyname for host aerowulf2; may be
invalid name

: 61


I have done an internet search and everything points back to the hosts file,
etc.  However, I can do ping, rsh, nslookup, etc using aerowulf2 and they
all work.  This code works fine on an older cluster running RH8.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Todd Henderson


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