[Beowulf] mpich + pgi 6 + 64bit

Mike Zupan hijinks at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 06:39:38 PDT 2005

We are having some issues building mpif90 against pgi6 the 64bit version. 

Here are my env vars for pgi

export PGI PGI2
MANPATH=/usr/man:$PGI2/man: /usr/share/man
export MANPATH

Here is how i compiled mpich

./configure -cc=pgcc -f90=pgf90 -fc=pgf77

Then when i run mpif90 i get this
[wind at testing mpich-1.2.7]$ ./bin/mpif90 
/usr/local/pgi-6.0/linux86-64/6.0/lib/f90main.o(.text+0x42): In function 
: undefined reference to `MAIN_'

has anyone seen this? This is a centOS 4.1 system with just the 64bit 
compiler/libraries installed


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