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Richard Westlake r.westlake at mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk
Tue Oct 18 12:45:54 PDT 2005


You could have a look at Conserver
and  http://www.conserver.com/consoles/
Zonker's Greater Scroll of Console Knowledge

There was also a Sys Admin magazine had a console server supplement

Another thing to look at is IPMI (The Intelligent Platform management 
as version 2 supports serial over LAN protocol, which I think can be made 
to work with conserver
There was a discussion on IPMI and console servers etc on this list 
not long ago, have a look in the archive for the thread "Remote console 
management" starting 22 Sep 2005.

I would be interested in a summery of your findings

Good luck

Richard Westlake

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> Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 20:33:24 +0200
> From: Simen Thoresen <simentt at dolphinics.no>
> Subject: [Beowulf] console hardware?
> To: beowulf at beowulf.org
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> Hi Guys,
> How does one handle console-logging thes days?
> We run a development environment with a number of small clusters of
> different shapes and some tens of pc- and non-pc type nodes (mostly with
> Linux) that our developers keep crashing. It would be very useful to hook
> something up to the nodes to have their last screens of console-output be
> available, after the fact. Is serial-console and kermit the way to do it, or
>  is someone building and/or selling more modern solutions? Preferrably,
> we'd like to just log into a concentrator and be able to read the last
> several screens logged by the just crashed node.
> What are your experiences and recommendations?
> Any vendors please reply off-list.
> Yours,
> -S
> -- 
> Simen Thoresen, Wulfkit Support, Dolphin ICS
> http://www.tysland.com/~simentt/cluster

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