[Beowulf] Parallel memory

Henderson, T Todd @ IS Todd.Henderson at L-3Com.com
Tue Oct 18 11:09:49 PDT 2005

Are there any drivers, tools, etc. that can make the memory space on a
cluster look shared, something like pvfs but for memory?  I'm sure there
would be a speed hit, but in this instance, speed isn't the problem as much
as memory.  We have a code that uses a huge amount of memory and the memory
usage is proportional to the cube of the problem size, but the time for it
to run isn't too much of an issue.  I've been asked to parallelize the code
using mpi which is going to be a major effort.  However, I thought that if
there was anyway, even if inefficient speed wise, to create a virtual
parallel memory system it would be better than it using swap space and save
a bunch of coding time.


Also, are there any tools to help implement mpi in an older code?


Any thoughts?





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