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Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at free.net
Fri Oct 14 08:05:47 PDT 2005

In message from "Robert G. Brown" <rgb at phy.duke.edu> (Fri, 14 Oct 2005 
09:22:57 -0400 (EDT)):
>On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, Leif Nixon wrote:
>> "Robert G. Brown" <rgb at phy.duke.edu> writes:
>>>    a) Is cernlib prebuilt in rpm's in SL?
>> Which version? Jakob Nielsen used to repackage ATLAS-related stuff
>> into RPMs. His old src.rpm for cernlib 2002 is here:
>>  ftp://ftp.nordugrid.org/applications/hep/cernlib/2002/src/
>(Hoping that the following isn't too off-topic, given that cernlib is
>very much a cluster tool...)

But what is today free fortran source alternative to Cernlib for 
"universal" numerical library ?  
>Thanks, that's very useful.
>Well, (with this) I now have source rpms for both 2002 and 2005. 

Some years ago I attempted to find Cernlib for Linux in Joint 
of Nuclear Research here in Russia (in Dubna). It was not simple task 
:-) As a result I received Linux source, but source RPM is clear step 
forward ;-) BTW, where is now available RPMS (you worote) ?

>I mean (reluctantly taking a peek at actual source at a point of
>failure), this code is still #ifdef'd for the Apollo!  For VMS!  For
>(and is there darker Evil in the world?) MVS!.  

:-) I have some plus: I have MVS 3.8 working under x86 Linux at my 
home ! It works through Hercules emulator and includes Fortran IV (!)
compiler. (I worked w/mainfarmes about 20 years, so it's good for 
nostalgie ;-)). So theoretically I can to try to compile some sources 
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