[Beowulf] cpu information

bala rb at hcl.in
Fri Nov 25 21:04:25 PST 2005

Dear all,
I am bechmarking a server with intel xeon DP 3.6GHZ on a Brandon2 mother 
board. I wanted to check the performance of the machine with a single 
processor and i removed a processor leaving the setup with a single Xeon 
(Nocona)3.6 Ghz DP processor on board.

While running the intel optimised linpack benchmark on this setup to my 
surprise the result had a processor information with 2.72 Ghz. When i 
checked the /proc/cpuinfo in RHAS 4 update platform i was using the same 
frequency was available.

But the BIOS information shows a single processor with 3600Ghz. HT is 

With linux both smp kernel and ordinary up kernel are showing the same 
cpu speed.

What could be the reason for this?


Balamurugan. R

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Balamurugan. R
HCL Infosystems Ltd.,

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