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Alan Ward award at
Thu Nov 24 01:07:43 PST 2005

>Do I understand you correctly here?  Why not use x86_64 FC 4 on an
>x86_64 box?  Of course running i686 binaries, libraries, and so on won't
>give you top performance, and in that case you ARE de facto
>cross-compiling -- for your native architecture.

The point is making sure x86-64 binaries are better -- for my 
code. They are. Now I'll surely take your suggestion and go for 
the 64-bit version of FC4.

>Again, it was my understanding that if you run an x86_64 version of a
>distro, the kernel, the libraries, and the applications are all compiled
>with gcc which is ITSELF compiled for that architecture, and gcc
>defaults to doing the right thing and linking the right libraries
>automagically.  In fact if anything, the trick is to get i386 apps to
>run -- that requires that the libraries be loaded and linkable, not that
>easy to manage when the default library is x86_64.
>    rgb

Also not easy if you're running a mix of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the 
Semperon. They coexist, as another list member pointed out. On the 
exact same motherboards and hardware in my case. I'm looking for a 
transparent management solution, though may end up with two system
Thanks everybody for your helpful comments,
Alan Ward
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