[Beowulf] memory bandwidth estimation

Kozin, I (Igor) i.kozin at dl.ac.uk
Tue Nov 15 04:36:59 PST 2005

The best test would be obviously to run your test
on a dual core using suitably modified problem size
(weak scaling). You can also get a rough idea
about memory bendwidth by running your production
tests on a dual node Xeon cluster and comparing
single versus dual process per node runs.

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> Hello everyone,
> this might be a stupid question, but I haven't found a simple
> answer to it yet: is there any "easy" way of looking at the memory
> bandwidth that a program uses? What I basically want to know is
> whether my mpi-based program would benefit from dual-core processors
> or not, and this depends on whether the program's execution is badly
> memory-bandwidth-limited or not.
> So far I have not found anything better than looking at cpu 
> usage thanks 
> to ganglia,
> or 'top' or something like that, and looking for times when the 
> processors are idling,
> but this method is definitely not very precise, and for all I 
> know might 
> be wrong.
> Could anyone give me any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance,
> Olivier Marsden
> Ecole Centrale de Lyon
> France
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