mutiple Re: [Beowulf] A Cluster of Motherboard.

Alvin Oga alvin at
Mon Nov 14 00:40:00 PST 2005

On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Geoff Jacobs wrote:

> Has anybody run multiple motherboards off of one power supply? Any
> advantages?

anywhere from 5-10 of um from one +12v power supply
> Could a guy improve density by skipping cases and engineering airflow
> through some kind of custom rack?

yes ..  but if you're looking for "cheap", doing all the work
yourself may not necessarily be "cheaper" vs off-the-shelf

if you don't care what it looks like afterward, other thanit works,
using minimum metal parts ( ace or orchard hardware ) will be
cheaper compared to buying a whole $30 pc case
	- or make a custom $10 motherboard bracket ( aka shelf ) to hold
	the mb + disk + rack ears and optional room for power supply

as long as airflow is not obstructed and can go in a straight line,
it will cool "everything inside" lot better than if it was bending
around objects and hitting and going around things at 90degree bends

use a plain ole cigarette or match test to see where airflow is 
screwed up
	- your fans should be able to blow out the candle/match
	on the other side of the intake or exhausts

c ya

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