[Beowulf] A Cluster of Motherboard.

H.Vidal, Jr. hvidal at tesseract-tech.com
Thu Nov 10 15:45:24 PST 2005

'Uhm,' sorry, I must have had my crack pipe lit up at the time
and imagined his response when I asked "you really run google
on this kind of iron, not something a bit better packaged?' and the
illusory answer from the senior google guy was a phantom
'yes, it's quite efficient and workable.' I felt so groovy at the time,
he probably could have said anything and gotten me to believe it.......

Of course, this is merely America, so probably the European
Google Data Centers have far too much panache to run naked
motherboards, and probably do run much better (and socially,
so much more cooperative, with more time off.......) and fancier cases.

Yeah, I guess it was all just a smoky pipe dream. Never you mind....
Nothing to see here......move along.......

Sorry, couldn't help it...... >;)

But it does make for an interesting contrast in perceived state.
Because the Google fellow did point this stuff out as current (as of
about summer of this year?) whereas apparently somebody else
was told it's, well, different than what I saw/was told.

I'm still amazed at it. Here is the link regarding the presentation:


I was wrong, it was about March of this year.. Sorry, his pix and
slides from talk are not available on NYLug, I will see if I can track
them down and refer/link accordingly.

glazed and hazed,

Leif Nixon wrote:
> "H.Vidal, Jr." <hvidal at tesseract-tech.com> writes:
>>That's Google, in case you did not know. I was shocked to see
>>this when I saw a presentation recently by one of the Google
>>guns here in NYC (actually, the inventor of Froogle).
>>He showed us pix of a bunch of nodes essentially
>>sitting on some insulating material, screwed to a simple
>>frame-style chassis with careful consideration of grounding
>>and power.
> Uhm, the presentation I saw by one of the European engineers at Google
> also contained pictures like that, but his comment was "We used to
> experiment with stuff like this. Briefly."

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