[Beowulf] OpenSolaris

Francisco Jesús Martínez Serrano franjesus at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 03:27:34 PDT 2005

2005/6/17, Stephen Shankland:
> I'm sorry to say I can't answer your question about the hardware similarity, but here are a couple points to bear in mind. First, Sun says Solaris is certified on a wide variety of hardware. Second, I'm doubtful you'll be able to build your own version of Solaris easily at this point; they released only some of the source code this week, with more expected in coming months. However, since you can download the binaries for free (as long as you don't need technical support), that may not be an issue. Third, the V20z and V40z designs are actually the Opteron machines designed by Newisys, my sources tell me. Fourth, and you probably saw this, Sun's compilers are available at no cost now.
> I'm the CNET News.com reporter who covers Sun, and if you have a little time, I wonder if you might answer a couple questions:
> --Did Sun's open-sourcing of Solaris change your level of interest in the operating system?
> --What operating system do you use right now? Linux?
> --What are you using the IWill system for?

Many thanks for your answers.

To answer your questions: Yes the open sourcing of solaris has
interested us, and we may give it a try in the next stop of the
machine (in some weeks).

Nowadays we use Debian, with self-built kernel & numa tools and Intel
& pathscale compilers.

The system is used for lagrangian (particle) CFD simulations.

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