[Beowulf] passwordless rsh/ssh

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Tue Jun 21 18:52:09 PDT 2005

Cheng, Kevin  writes:

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> passwordless rsh/ssh  
> Dear all
> I manage to get rshd/rsh and ssh to work. I can rsh / ssh to myself 
> localhost. I notice that I cannot log in as root via rsh and have to use a 
> normal user account for rsh. Is this normal? Does it matter to MPICH 
> whether it's root or not root passwordless login?
> When I ssh/rsh to another machine I have to use it's IP address. How do I 
> get around this so that I can rsh/ssh using hostname?
> I manage to get ssh passwordless to localhost, but not to other hosts. If 
> I was using ssh, how would I configure MPICH-1 to use ssh instead of it 
> using rsh by default?
> Did anyone know how to make rsh passwordless? 

Read man hosts.equiv, or learn how to build a .rhosts file.  Or both.
Note that you may have to tweak PAM or other authentication controls to
get it to work -- linux has several distinct layers where one can BLOCK
passwordless logins or rsh in general, and they all have to be set
correctly for it to work.

ssh can be made passwordless by building a suitable public/private key
pair, as is fairly clearly documented both in its man pages and even
more clearly in a number of online howto-like documents (I think there
is even a "passwordless ssh mini-howto" that you can turn up with

Pretty soon a number of these sorts of FAQs will be answerable on a
website that is currently under construction where e.g. my old CWM
columns will be available.  In the meantime, HTH.

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