[Beowulf] moniter performance

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Tue Jun 21 10:01:14 PDT 2005

Ru-Zhen Li writes:

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> Dear all, 
> can anyone please recommend me some software to moniter the performance of 
> a cluster? such as the usage of the resource by different parts of the 
> application code, the time used etc etc, so that i can find the 
> "bottleneck" of a job and improve the performance? 
> Thanks a lot! 
> Best wishes, 
> lrz 

You're welcome to try xmlsysd/wulfstat or xmlsysd/wulflogger.  They are
available via links here:


and are fully open source/GPL tools.  Probably the best toplevel page is


and there is a very low traffic mailing list if you want to join.  I
tend to support it fairly aggressively -- there are bugs, I suppose, but
we use the tool here and I try to resolve the bugs quickly.

Various views permit you to track in considerable detail the resource
consumption of each significant task on each cluster node, and it is
easy to set up to view a cluster with xml-based configuration files.

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