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David Kewley kewley at gps.caltech.edu
Wed Jun 8 23:57:43 PDT 2005

On Monday 06 June 2005 15:23, David Kewley wrote:
> We expect to get a large new cluster here, and I'd like to draw on
> the expertise on this list to educate management about the personnel
> needed.

I got some really great, thoughtful replies from a number of people, both on and off the list.  Thanks so much -- it's wonderful to feel supported by this community!  I got a lot out of reading your replies: Both increased confidence (some of my opinions are backed up by your experience), and new things to think about.

I'll spill the beans: *I* am the sysadmin in question. :)  I deliberately tried to write my email ambiguously on that count, so as to reduce any corresponding biases in your responses.

We expect to get the cluster in the latter half of July, so the description of the cluster that I wrote is essentially set in stone at this point.  The initial design was done in January, so this isn't an abrupt set of choices.  Suffice it to say that not all the details are what I would have chosen, but they do appear to be the best initial choices given the overall situation (both technical, and especially non-technical issues).

I've done my best to proactively manage expectations here.  It looks like the right questions have started to be raised by our faculty, energetically (e.g. number of support staff), and although I'm in the middle of it, it doesn't appear I'm being saddled with responsibilities that aren't properly mine.  Which is always good.

I hope to reply soon to a couple of people who wrote me off the list, and if all possible, I'll reply in more detail to the list as a whole.  Feel free to strike up a continued conversation with me, on-list or off.

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