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Franz.Marini at mi.infn.it Franz.Marini at mi.infn.it
Wed Jun 8 10:56:52 PDT 2005

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005, Michael T. Prinkey wrote:
> It seems that they are "daft."  One Apple's VPs has emphatically declared
> that they will not allow MAC OSX to run on anything but Apply hardware.

And they have declared that WinXP will run on their new Intel Macs, too.
So I think that there won't be any drastic change in the architecture from
a "standard" x86 pc...

My guess is that they'll put some kind of hardware signature on their
mobos, completely ignored by WinXP (or linux, for that matter), but looked
for by OS/X on boot.

And if my guess is right, I give hackers around the globe no more than 3-4
days from the availability of the first OS/X for Intel to find a way
around the protection, thus enabling any x86 pc to run it ;)

But, time will tell...

What's really amazing is that, from Jobs' words, it seems like it's been 5
yrs now that in Cupertino exists a OS/X port for x86 (Jobs' presentation
supposedly run on a vanilla 3.6 GHz P4, on a supposed x86 OS/X 10.4.1
beta), and *noone* let it slip outside Apple's hq in all this time...
Astonishing, to say the least... :)


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