[Beowulf] Clos networking and myrinet

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I've just found out about Clos networks and realised that
myrinet uses Clos networks. From reading


I see that the diameter of the Clos network is log(n).
>From other reading I find that 3 layer Clos networks
are blocking but that 5 (and above) layers are non-blocking.

The url above shows that Myrinet uses a 3 layer Clos
network for 24..128 nodes, but presumably the network
is blocking. In an mpi type beowulf running a scatter/gather,
if one node is blocked, then all nodes have to wait.
Is this OK or am I missing something?

With large beowulfs, why is the diameter of the network
increased from 3 to 5 to 7...? It would be cheaper to
keep the networking at 3 layers. What falls apart
that you need to increase the diameter of the network?

Sorry if this is all a FAQ. I've been reading for about
2 weeks now and don't understand Clos networking

Thanks Joe

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