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Sean C. Garrick writes:
 > I believe Apple is committed to creating a superior computing 
 > experience. Its simply a matter of whether the market suffers fools 
 > lightly. Apple may be an entertainment and software company in a few 
 > years. HPC cannot figure strongly, if at all, in their future plans.

I agree completely.  Most of the people that I know who are running
MacOSX clusters upgraded from older generation Linux clusters, and are
running MacOSX specifically to make use of some performance
characteristic of the G5 which benefits their application.   That
differentiating factor is gone now.

Given that the underlying hardware would be the same, who would choose
to run MacOSX on an HPC cluster over linux?  Linux has far lower
ethernet latency and overhead, which is important for low-end
clusters.  For high end clusters, linux has broader support for cluster
interconnects (Myrinet, Quadrics, IB).  There are also a wide
selection of reputable linux cluster integrators who will setup an
essentially turn-key cluster of hundreds to thousands of nodes with

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