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I've heard rumblings over here at sandia that some folks are trying to 
build clusters of g5's and are frustrated with the lack of software to 
run clusters - groups of powermac / xserve g5's connected with myrinet 
or infiniband, say, compared to open-source stuff available for linux 
(rocks, oscar, etc.).

I'm ignorant of clustering set-up and configuration, but hearing 
sys-admins complain about some folks with funding not getting their mac 
clusters because they can't get their hands on - inexpensive - software 
makes me wonder.  Has anyone else experienced difficulty setting up a, 
say, 64-node low-latency cluster with macs?  I see that pbs is 
available for scheduling, but it takes some management software too, 
yes?  I see that oscar (Open Source Cluster Application Resources) is 
intended to make set up and management fairly straightforward, and 
it's, well, free.  On the other hand, I hear that apple has clustering 
management software, but it is very pricey, and has turned some folks 
over here off to getting a mac-cluster.  With people so used to free, 
open-source stuff for linux clusters, it's hard to see them jumping at 
the opportunity to spend more funding on mac software...

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